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How To Meet Your Twin Flame?

Some people meet their twin flame unexpectedly and without making any effort, while others live side by side with them all their lives, not assuming that this is their “twin.”

Today, we will tell you what practices you can use to summon your twin flame, what you need to pay attention to when meeting him, and how many twin flames there really are.

Stage 1 – Unification Of Male and Female Parts

As we found out from previous materials, a twin flame is one soul divided into halves: male and female energies.

Therefore, to bring your twin flames closer together, unite your inner twin flames – your masculine and feminine parts.

Stage 2 – Focusing on the Outer Twin Flame

Call on your twin flame if you feel an inner impulse, a desire coming from the heart.

Stage 3 – Harmonizing The Relationship Between You and Your Twin Flame Using The Symbol Of Trialability

If you have not yet met your twin flame, visualizing this symbol will help bring your meeting closer.

And if it has already happened, it will help harmonize your relationship.

This symbol contains three components:

Infinity sign, which consists of two halves. One half symbolizes the electrical energies (golden flow), and the second half (silver flow) symbolizes the magnetic energies of creation – the female and male parts.

A triangle with three vertices at the head, each of which represents a part of you: on the left – are electrical energies (male part); on the right – are magnetic energies (female part).

When the two parts merge at one point – in the centre of the flame of God, you open up to higher consciousness, go beyond duality and move into trialality.

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