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Love And Digital or How To Find Your Soulmate Using Technology

Once upon a time, the dating process involved many options: you could ask a colleague out on a date, approach a stranger you liked in a bar or club, or simply – which was not considered shameful – strike up a conversation on the street. You could also be introduced by friends, acquaintances or family members. For those who, for some reason, did not have a good personal life, there were other options: advertisements in special sections of the newspaper, speed dating, interest clubs, etc. That all started to change with the advent of the first dating sites in the early to mid-90s.

Today, we can find our “love interest” without leaving home and setting our search criteria. This shift has had a significant impact on society.

Social networking

Online dating has made it possible to create a so-called network of relationships consisting of a wide range of people with whom you can establish contact. This makes it possible to contact strangers in a few clicks/presses on a keyboard or smartphone, regardless of their location at a given time. One area where online dating takes full advantage of this aspect of social media is by giving site users the freedom to choose who they want to get to know.

Compatibility as a Key Motivator

In traditional dating, there is a high chance of meeting a random person with whom you have nothing in common. These days, you can try to avoid such meetings by specifying exactly who you would like to meet. This has led to a significant increase in the use of online dating services among niche groups: those seeking same-sex relationships or wanting to highlight specific interests such as age dating, etc.

The rise of interracial dating

In the traditional world, single people often visit clubs or bars based on the type of crowd that is there. When it comes to dating sites, users are offered a wide range of profiles, which allows them to pay attention to something that may not have interested them before. For example, recently, there has been a significant increase in interracial dating.

Growing liabilities

Another aspect that has had a revolutionary impact on society is the way many people develop relationships online. There used to be a preconceived notion that online dating was inherently superficial. But more and more people are finding long-term and serious relationships there. There can be many reasons for this, such as the ability to learn about a partner’s past in a relatively short period. Research has shown that people who meet online get to know each other much faster.

Since online dating is no longer terra incognita, recent statistics have shown that people who meet online are more likely to get together than those who meet under more traditional circumstances. Again, the reasons for this are not always clear. But it’s worth noting that this has a lot to do with the fact that when meeting people online, people learn to trust each other more and develop mutual chemistry rather than just doing the expected thing.

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