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How To Find Your Soulmate? Psychologist’s Advice

Everyone wants to find their love, but not everyone succeeds. The fact is that many of us understand the expression “other half” incorrectly.

We want a person to appear in life who will fill our spiritual emptiness, who will admire us, and, if something happens, who will understand and console us. It turns out that instead of a soulmate, we are looking for a psychological crutch on which to lean and raise our self-esteem or a vest to cry on. With this approach, it is impossible to find a soul mate.

Love is, first of all, the desire to give  – to do good to another person. We, dreaming “of love,” actually only want to receive compliments, gifts, and recognition of our significance and uniqueness. In this case, even if you manage to find a soul mate, the one-way flow of love sooner or later dries up.

How to learn to love sincerely?

A real feeling is when you value another person as a person and love him for certain qualities and, not because he helps you solve psychological problems. This means that in order to gain the ability to love, you must first of all become a harmonious person and solve your psychological problems yourself. Low or high self-esteem, complexes, problems in relationships with parents – all this prevents you from finding a soul mate. Therefore, before looking for love, you need to understand yourself. You can work with a psychologist and undergo self-confidence training and various personal development courses.

Even the ancients said that in order to love another person and find a soul mate, you must first love yourself. Become a harmonious person with whom it is pleasant and interesting to be together. Then you won’t have to look for love – it will find you itself.

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